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Live with a host family!
Posted  2013/7/23
By   International College
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Live with a host family!

The purpose of the NPUST Host Family Program is to give NPUST international students a more personal, first-hand experience in Taiwan. Living with a host family will not only give international students a chance to see Taiwanese family life for yourselves, but will also allow you to build special relationships during the study period here. Staying with a Taiwanese host family will give you an insight of what life in Taiwan is really like. For this purpose, we provide list of families where you may have a short stay for weekends and holidays. The service is free.

Remember however, that this is not a free hotel. You will be living with a family that is volunteering to provide a roof over your head, a seat at their table, and a place in their hearts as well. It is our sincere desire that when your time with the homestay family is over, you will have made some new friends for life.

The registration website:

The registration deadline is July 31th, 2013 and we will deliver the further matching information to all applicants at the end of August.

Thank you for kind attention!


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