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Health Center urges public to avoid contact with wild animals!
Posted  2013/8/6
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Health Center urges public to avoid contact with wild animals; If bitten or scratched by wild animals, please seek immediate medical attention to prevent rabies

Health centers reminds teachers staff students to take heed of the following three preventive actions against rabies:

1. Avoid animal bite: Avoid contact with wild animals and do not pick up sickened animals or animal carcasses and report sightings of sickened animals or animal carcasses to local animal epidemic prevention agencies or the Council of Agriculture (COA) through calling the hotline: 0800-761-590.

2. When bitten or scratched by animals, please remember to take the following 4 steps:

1.Remember: Try to rema in calm and remember the
characteristics of the biting animal.

2.Wash:Immediately wash the wound with soap and an ample
amount of clean water for 15 minutes and then disinfect the
wound with iodine or 70% alcohol.

3. Seek: Seek prompt medical attention for proper evaluation
and treatment to reduce the risk of infection.

4. Observe: Try to detain the biting animal for a 10-day
observation if possible. However, do not risk capturing the
animal if it gets violent.

3. Seek medical attention when bitten or scratched by animals: Please seek medical assistance at one of the 28 hospitals with a stockpile or rabies vaccine, which can be found in every city and county in the nation. The health authority continues to increase the number of healthcare facilities offering rabies vaccination. High-risk population needs five does of post-exposure vaccine when bitten or scratched by rabid animals. Rabies pre-exposure vaccination can provide up to 100% protection. HRIG is only administered to patients who received severe bites.

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