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Driver’s License Test for Motorcycles
Posted  2013/10/14
By   International College
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Driver’s License Test for Motorcycles

Group test Academic Year 102, 1st Semester

1. Registration and written test:
Time: October 30th, 2013 (Wednesday) 12:30
Place: Computer Center (IB)
After passing the written test, the driving test will be held in the front yard of the General Building (IH)

2. Driving test only: People with driver’s license for motorcycles or cars should be present at 1:30 for the driving test in the front yard of the General Building (IH).

3. Pre-registration:
Time: 2013-10-14 and 2012-10-15
Place: Life Guidance Division (inside the Sport Center)

Please report to the Officer Fu-Kuei Chuang to hand out the following documents:
(1). Completed application form for motorcycle driver’s license (it is also the health examination form). With this form you must go to a public hospital for the health examination. The closest center is Longchuan Veteran Hospital or Neipu Health Center.
(2). One ID picture (2.54 cm x 2.54cm)
(3). Fee: 250 NTD (Road test only: 125NTD)
(4). Copy of ARC (both sides)
(5). If you already have a driver’s license, please bring a copy.

4. People taking the road test only, please bring the original driver’s license and ARC. After passing the test you should give back this license to the Motor Vehicle Office for an updated driver’s license.
5. After passing the driving test, you should pay 200 NTD fee to the personnel of Motor Vehicles Office. The new driver’s license will be extended to you immediately.
6. The installations for road test will be placed in the front yard of the General building. Please practice there before the exam.
7. The application for motorcycle driver’s license is the health examination form itself. It is valid within a year.

Life Guidance Section

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