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The Indonesian Festival, “Indonesian Cultural Diversity-Together in Diversity” 2014
Posted  2014/5/8
By   International College
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We invite you to join us to celebrate
the Indonesian Festival, “Indonesian Cultural Diversity-Together in Diversity” 2014.

Indonesian is a country that is rich in cultures and characteristic. We hope through this event, everyone can experience Indonesian cultures and to unite Indonesian students from different cultural backgrounds. The purposes of this activity are to: 1. Present and promote the wonderful and spectacular Indonesian art and cultures in NPUST; 2. Increase solidarity and kinship between Indonesian students, Taiwanese students and other foreign students. There will be spectacular traditional Indonesian dances, songs and opera performances. You will also be able to enjoy many beautiful Indonesian scenic pictures. And most important of all, you can savor some Indonesian delicacies and participate in the lucky draw!

Date: Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Time: 17:00 to 21:00

Location: General Education Building (IH building) 1st floor Auditorium

Event Schedule:
17:00~18:30 Outdoor opening/Dinner/Photo Booth Session

18:30~19:00 Indoor Opening/Speech/“Bajidor Kahot” dance

19:00~20:05 Onion and Garlic Story Part 1

20:05~20:15 Onion and Garlic Story Part 2

20:15~20:45 Onion and Garlic Story Part 3/ Main Door Prize

20:45~21:00 Closing/Angklung performance 2

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