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Notice: Affidavit for Foreign Student Traffic Safety and Vehicle Ownership
Posted  2014/6/16
By   International College
Contact  Cor Hu (ext.6441)
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Due to past incidents in which foreign students drove illegally resulting in accidents, losses and regrets, it is now mandatory that all foreign students must complete the following forms:

1. The “Affidavit for Foreign Student Traffic Safety and Vehicle Ownership” declares that the student has sufficient knowledge on traffic regulations, current driving privileges and vehicle ownership.

2. If you have a driver’s license and own a vehicle(s), you must also fill out the “Foreign Student Driver’s License Survey” and “Photocopies of Driver’s License, Registration and Insurance” form with attachments of the photocopies of the required documentations.

Please complete the forms before June 30th. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding!

Respect your own life and the lives of others. Please fill out these forms patiently, providing complete and correct information.

Remarks: Department offices are asked to please assist students with filling out the affidavit and survey and submitting the forms to the Office of International Student Affairs.

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