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2015 Chinese Language Center Mandarin Courses Performance
Posted  2015/5/22
By   Chinese Language Center
Contact  Yuli Chen (#7715)
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2015 Chinese Language Center Mandarin Courses Performance

Purpose: To encourage foreign students from CLC Mandarin courses present their Mandarin skills and share what students have learnt from the courses.

活動時程Time Schedule:
活動日期:2015年6月3日 15:30~17:30
報名截止日:2015年5月29日 17:00
Date: 15:30~17:30, June 3, 2015
Application Deadline:5 pm., May 29, 2015
How to register:Fill out the application form and submit to CLC.

參與資格 Eligibility:
The students take Mandarin courses from CLC. NPUST foreign students are also welcome to join.

1.初階組 Beginner 2.進階組 Advanced

演出方式 Presentation:
表演時間以5分鐘為限。Time is limited in 5 minutes.
1.唱歌 Singing:自行選定中文歌曲一首 Choose one Mandarin song.

2.演講Speech: 演講比賽的主題自訂,可自行準備背景影片或其他數位檔案。
Any topics and any accessory materials are welcome.

Any topics and any accessory materials are welcome.

There will be 3 judges from the Mandarin Courses teachers, arranging the place in order.

獎勵 Prizes:優勝者可獲得獎狀一紙及本校書軒書局抵用券一張。
1st Prize: a certificate and NT$500 coupon.
2nd Prize: a certificate and NT$300 coupon.
3rd Prize: a certificate and NT$100 coupon.
Best performance award: a certificate.

主辦單位Organizer:華語文中心(CLC), 協辦單位Co-organizer:食品科學國際碩士學位學程(IMAFS)
計畫名稱Project name:103年度大專校院精進全英語學位學制班別-食品科學國際碩士學位學程

Notice will be revised or added if necessary and the latest information will be provided on the official website.

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