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  The Office of International Affairs in NPUST was established in 2004 to facilitate international cooperation, academic exchanges, and recruitment of foreign students. There are two divisions, the Division of International Cooperation (DIC) and the Division of International Students (DIS). The purposes of DIC are promoting international cooperation and academic exchanges; supporting international cooperation, academic exchanges and international cooperation projects with NPUST; and maintaining good relationships between NPUST and our sister universities. DIS is in charge of recruiting international students and helping with their life in Taiwan and NPUST; conducting scholarship affairs; and helping Taiwan students apply for scholarship to study abroad.

  NPUST has been collaborating with the International Cooperation and Development Fund (ICDF) since 1998 to provide full scholarships and English programs to foreign students from countries that have a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan . NPUST also grants baccalaureate, master and doctoral degrees to foreign students who receive scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Education, and the National Science Council. To further enhance the internationalization of NPUST, the university also offers full scholarships to foreign students from countries that do not have a diplomatic relationship with Taiwan . Up through 2009, NPUST has recruited more than 200 foreign students. At the beginning, the source of international students was from Africa and Central and South America , and has since extended to Oceania and Europe . After graduation, many students have good performance in research and administration, and help to promote our diplomatic relationship with foreign countries.