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Extension education

1.Downtown Extension Education Building

   In order to provide educational services to people residing in Kaoshiung City , Kaoshiung County , and Pingtung County areas, we have founded the “Downtown Extension Education Building” located in Pingtung City . The building is partitioned into 20 rooms of various sizes for classes of credit and non-credit courses offered by different departments or graduate institutes of NPUST. This building can also serve as a venue for holding meetings, exams, speeches, workshops, press conferences, company activities, academic activities, and other related cultural and educational activities for off-campus organizations.

2.Ecology Education

   The “Introduction of Agricultural and Ecological Education” program takes visitors to many interesting and rather educational scenic spots, including the Rescue Center for Endangered Wild Animals, the Stock Farm, the Antique Agriculture Machinery Museum, the Food Processing Plant, the Soil and Water Conservation Outdoor Classroom, the Tropical and Sub-tropical Gardens, the Sweet Grass Garden, and the Medicinal Plant Breeding Garden. The program is multifaceted, spectacular, and remarkable. There are half-day, one-day, and two-day touring programs with intellectual and perceptual feasts that tourists can choose to suit their schedules. Dormitories are also available for tourists who choose to stay overnight.

3.Agricultural Extension Service

   Providing “Agricultural Extension Service” is one of NPUST’s distinguishing missions. The purpose of this work is to improve rural life, to raise farmers’ incomes and living quality, and to promote agricultural modernization in order to expedite agriculture’s development and advancement. The areas of focus include “Garden Farming”, “Agricultural Economic Management”, “Plant Protection”, “Aquaculture and Stock Farming”, “Animal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment”, “Product Marketing and Electronic Business Affairs”, etc. NPUST devotes her qualified teachers, advanced facilities, and remarkable research accomplishments to assist many organizations and their personnel by delivering up-to-date agriculture-related knowledge to them.