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Located on the mountainside, the campus is vast; consequently, most of students tend to commute by motorcycles.

A number of speed humps are put on the Xue Fua Road, the main road in the campus. Therefore, students are advised to be vigilante and lower the speed of your vehicles so as to be safe.

In addition, all vehicles should be parked in accordance with the regulations. Both drivers and passengers ought to wear helmets and keep the spend limit, 40 km per hour. If the rule is violated, the result would not be desirable.

There are many ways to the university. The routes are described as followed. Through
Pintung Train Station: MingSheng Road - National Pintung Institute of Commerce - LinLuo NeiPu - LaoPi - NPUST.
Or Utilizing
Pingtung coach Service: take the route Pingtung—SanDiMen and get off in NPUST. The ticket fare is approximately 33 NTD.

Eight dormitories are in the campus, including the men’s ones, Ren, Bao, DeZhai, and the women’s ones, Cheng, Yong, Zh, Xin, HuiZhai.